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The crowdfunding with real gold nuggets.

Collect money for implementing your idea with a crowdfunding that borders all sprengt.

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There was never Like it!

Deja vu flow every 60 days the donations already received at once.
AurumCrowdFunding is different – with no step-ups,
without waiting for any level. The donations go 100% into the Projekte.
Gold, bitcoin or money immediately and over and over again!
With AurumCrowdFunding gild your life and can countless wishes
and ideas into action to implement.

Gold or money, time and time again!

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Gold exercises for thousands of years a unique fascination for us humans aus. Kaiser, kings and states have created their wealth away for centuries in Gold and increasingly clever. Gold is a medium of exchange, unit of account, is the safeguarding of assets and is therefore a safe financial harbor to the preservation of purchasing power. Countless attributes describe it as rare, sought after, durable, stable value, imperishable, divisible, easy to understand and much more.
In AurumCrowdFunding you can receive the Gold tool donations in gold, continue to donate and have them sent as physical metal home. 3 grams of gold are the basic unit for a donation.



Plunge into a new exciting world of e-currencies with Aurum crowdfunding!
With our program Bitcoin-Tool, every member from all around the world will be able to benefit.
Bitcoin (BTC) is am elecronic currency everyone can send via the Internet. It’s as easy as sending an e-mail.
Countless products and services can be paid or purchased using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It’s fast and does not require banks and significant expenses.
With our innovative partner program, it’s possible to create unlimited wealth on the basis of Bitcoin.
Making only one donation of 0.1 BTC, you will get multiple return.
So act now!



For those who like it a little unexcited, there is the implementation of innovative fundraising formula of AurumCrowdFunding also on the basis of the euro.

Here you can trigger your Spendenfluß already at 60 €.

Thanks to the integrated payment system secure payments are in EURO TOOL any time and also transferable at a click in gold.

In AurumCrowdFunding will waive all entrance fees – a crowdfunding from person to person – simple and transparent.

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